Review: HandStand (for first generation iPad)

What is the HandStand? The HandStand was developed by Hub International LLC. Hub International LLC also developed the HandStand 2 for the iPad 2. The HandStand was made to help people use the first generation iPad with more comfort and ease. The HandStand makes holding, displaying, and using the first generation iPad simpler. Before we get into the details, let’s first break it down a bit:


– Name: HandStand

– Brand: Hub International LLC

– Price: $49.95

– Colors: Black, White, and Pink

– Warranty: One year warranty

Point – Scaled Grading

Style: 1-25 Given: 23

Price: 1-15 Given: 13

Quality materials: 1-15 Given: 12

Brand name: 1-10 Given: 7

Modern technologies: 1-15 Given: 14

Compatibility: 1-15 Given: 13

Ease of use: 1-5 Given: 5

OVERALL: 87/100 B


Style: The HandStand as a very cool design. The HandStand design allows you to hold your first generation iPad effortlessly. The ergonomic design helps give you a comfortable fit. The HandStand also lays in a stable incline both vertically and horizontally when places on a flat surface, such as a table.

Price: The HandStand is priced fairly. The product gives you a comfortable way to hold your first generation iPad, while also giving you the ability to spin it 360 degrees.

Quality materials: The HandStand is not a cheap accessory for your first generation iPad. The cover is made of molded polyurethane. The material conforms to the shape of the iPad and has shock-absorbing properties due to being semi-flexible. The strap is heavy duty brushed finish elastic. It is really durable and it is pretty comfortable due to being elastic. The HandPad is thermoplastic ABS. The HandPad has a unique shape that allows your fingers to rest in a curved state to increase comfort. To summarize, the HandStand is basically very durable and useful. It is made of 100% recyclable materials.

Brand name: Hub International LLC was founded by Jaime Smith in October 2010. Hub International LLC is known for making the HandStand and the HandStand 2. It is a very reliable company.

Modern technologies: The idea of having a case that rotates 360° is very unique. The case is made so you can position your first generation iPad at 36 points because the cover rotates around the HandPad with a precise indexing mechanism. The case is engineered very carefully to be sturdy and flexible. One of the main issues when it comes to using the iPad is that it can get tiring to hold, so the HandStand is the solution.

Compatibility: The case is compatible for only the first generation iPad, but Hub International LLC also makes the HandStand 2 for the iPad 2. The good thing about the HandStand is that anyone can use it. The strap is elastic, so anyone can use it.

Ease of use: The HandStand is very easy to use. The case doesn’t come with instructions, but it really doesn’t need instructions anyways. You just put your first generation iPad into the case and voila. You can just follow the pictures on the box to figure out that you supposed to put your hand under the strap and rest your fingers in a curved state. The case is very simple to use.

Final Thoughts

The HandStand is a great product to use. When you use it, it feels like you can do so much more. You are able to use your first generation iPad with more ease. It doesn’t take much effort to hold up your first generation iPad when you are using the HandStand. Being able to rotate your iPad 360° can be very useful. You can watch movies easier by either holding it or by placing it on the table and taking advantage of the incline. The HandStand makes holding your iPad easy. It also helps you hold your iPad more securely, so it’s less likely to drop. I would definitely recommend this product.

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