Yahoo unveils search engine of iOS apps

Yahoo has unveiled a new search for iOS Apps. Apple’s App Store has a nice detailed venue to discover iOS software, but there are flaws. Yahoo!, being one of the top search engines, led the search engine group in making this search engine. I’m surprised that Google and Microsoft being the huge companies they are didn’t fill the void themselves. Google usually dominates this type of search engine, but Yahoo! took it upon them. Yahoo!’s dedicated search engine is called Yahoo! App Search. Yahoo!’s search services go through standard app descriptors, but they also give the user recommendations. Yahoo! gives the user the ability to narrow categories down that search query, as well as user reviews on the web, ratings, and the usual options that Apple gives on their App Store.


iOS Apps have given the technology industry a huge uplift. Many companies will use it to their advantage to promote or make a profit off something as simple as a search engine. Yahoo! themselves have taken the iOS app into something everyone can use for something very useful. Yahoo! is also indexing Android apps and plans on adding other content stores in the future, including tablet apps for iPad, web apps for Facebook, Twitter and other services. Yahoo! might also widen their search engine to other mobile application stores. The iOS has changed the outlook on many companies because they can use the iOS application to their advantage. I hope many companies and the industry itself stays the way it is right now, because in the future, it will become a big part of the technology side of the world.


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