Free Theft Tracking software for your Mac

Sean Power, a Canadian tech consultant and author, had his laptop stolen in Brooklyn, New York. He used a free, open source software called Prey. The application must be installed on your machine before it is stolen. The application allows you to track your computer and receive reports that feature photographs of the user and screenshots of their activity. Sean posted updates of the whereabouts of his computer on Twitter. With the help of some friends, the chase for the stolen laptop was coming together. Some of his friends had figured out who the person was using the laptop and found out he co-owned a bar in NYC. Sean has the user’s name and location and proceeded to contact the Police for help, but they did not. One of Sean’s friends, Nick Reese, spoke with Paolo, the owner, and he was able to get back the laptop for Sean.

The application Prey was vital in this situation. Without it, he may have never seen his laptop ever again. You should definitely download this application. It’s free and very useful if your laptop is ever stolen.

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One thought on “Free Theft Tracking software for your Mac

  1. No more need to subscribe to Lojack for laptops. It’ll save some money. …although I’m sure Lojack has it’s benefits, like the ability to help one get a warrant sooner, where Find my iPhone/iPad is still a bit questionable to law enforcement.

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