App Review: Angry Birds Seasons

With Easter only two days away, I thought it’d be appropriate to take a look at Rovio’s newest addition to Angry Birds Seasons.

For those unfamiliar with this flavor of Angry Birds, Seasons is a combination of different holiday-themed levels: “Trick or Treat” (Halloween), “Season’s Greedings” (Christmas), “Hogs and Kisses” (Valentine’s Day), “Go Green, Get Lucky” (St. Patrick’s Day), and now “Easter Eggs” (Easter). The levels feature different thematic elements particular to that holiday.

Now mind you, I’ve only gotten my fingers on the free version of this game. I figured that I already had the full version of Angry Birds, so buying this one too would be gratuitous.  It appears my instincts may be right because the App Store shows a lot of complaints for the paid version (namely by way of intrusive advertising).

So, with the free version you get three levels. No more, no less. And in my mind, that’s just enough to get the novelty of seeing Easter eggs and pigs wearing bunny ears.

Unlike the previous Seasons additions, “Easter Eggs” doesn’t seem nearly as hard to beat. I’m still racking my brain trying to figure out the first levels for “Trick or Treat” and “Season’s Greedings.” Though while the levels are easy enough to beat, trying to earn three stars is a whole other story. And that’s where I think the beauty of Seasons comes to play. This game is a way to hone your slingshot skills to mastery, while enjoying the different takes on holidays. It assumes that you’re already familiar with Angry Birds.

Without adding any new bird types or different features, Angry Birds Seasons is best downloaded as the free version.

Maybe once I beat “Easter Eggs,” it will be time to release a “Fourth of July” update. Fireworks and the black bomb bird? Now we’re talking!

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