App review: A Monster Ate My Homework

A Monster Ate My Homework

Have you beat all the levels and found all the golden eggs in “Angry Birds?” Looking for the next best physics game? Download “A Monster Ate My Homework” by Geek Beach.

Here’s the deal: the app is available for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Mac. The iOS version has a registered version (featuring 60 levels) and a lite version (16 levels). The Mac version has only the registered one, but it’s FREE! Hurry, limited time offer. I’ve also noticed that if you go to the App Store through your iOS device, you can find a free registered version as well (oddly enough, you won’t see it by searching through iTunes).

The minute I played the first level, I knew this game was a keeper. The setup is that block “monsters” have kidnapped your “homework” in the form of a stack of books and apples. Your job is to free the homework by lobbing balls at the monsters. Simple enough. But throw in the fact that you can’t knock the homework off of the small cardboard box the game takes place on, and some of the monsters are bombs, and now you’re on to something.

In order to get a good shooting angle at the monsters, you’ll need to rotate the 3D environment. This caused some lag while playing on any of the lite versions (most likely because of the ads). Even still, it’s not really a deal breaker compared to the overall experience.

Angry Birds keeps getting refreshed with new levels, the “Seasons” version, and “Angry Birds Rio,” but they’re all just variations of the same slingshot idea. “A Monster Ate My Homework” is a fresh new game that will really make you think twice about where the best place to throw the ball will be. You’ll literally wince as you see the homework teeter on the edge of falling.

Who knew that saving homework could be so much fun?

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