Review: elago L2 Stand

From working in a high tech company, I more than often find myself at my desk using my computer connected to my monitor. Over the past few months, we at The Real Mac have been trying to become more ergonomically sound. Elago’s L2 stand aids becoming more “ergo friendly” while enjoying the slick solid aluminum  L2 stand. Before I go more in-depth in the review, let’s take a look at the breakdown.

The Breakdown:

– Brand: elago

– Name: L2 Stand

– Price: $49.99 USD

-Color: Silver

-Material: Aluminum

– Intended for: Laptop computer

Point-Scaled Grading

For reviewal of all products by The Real Mac, a point-scale grading system is used to cover each individual aspect of the product. Said grades on varying scales are then weighed to determine a final score, which is then translated to an overall grade, as follows:

Style: 1-25 Given: 23.5

Price: 1-15 Given: 13

Quality materials: 1-15 Given: 14

Brand name: 1-10 Given: 7.5

Modern technologies: 1-15 Given: 14

Compatibility: 1-15 Given: 13

Ease of use: 1-5 Given: 5

OVERALL: 90/100 A-

For further explanation, continue reading.

Continued Evaluation
Aside from the great erconomical features of the L2 stand, one detriment is  cable management. Though the L2 provides holes through the back, managing the cables is not an easy task. Additionally, the L2 assits in clearing desk space, so my MacBook Pro doesn’t take all of the space.

The elgao L2 stand is a great solution if you are looking for a way to be more ergonomicly friendly, look slick, and a nice gift for your MacBook.

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