Review: Griffin TriBot

An easy way to record video on my iPod Nano (5th generation). That is how I would describe the Griffin Tribot in a simple and concise sentence. Personally, I find the Tribot as a great product, but seems a bit luxurious from the price of $29.99 at first glance. The Tribot is a simple product, a stand and a case for the iPod – which has proved to be very rugged. Before I get into more in-depth detail, lets look at the breakdown.

The Breakdown:

– Brand: Griffin Technology Website

– Name: Tribot

– Price: $29.99 USD

-Color: Black (stand)

– Intended for: iPod Nano (5th generation)

Point-Scaled Grading

For reviewal of all products by The Real Mac, a point-scale grading system is used to cover each individual aspect of the product. Said grades on varying scales are then weighed to determine a final score, which is then translated to an overall grade, as follows:

Style: 1-25 Given: 22

Price: 1-15 Given: 12

Quality materials: 1-15 Given: 14

Brand name: 1-10 Given: 7

Modern technologies: 1-15 Given: 14

Compatibility: 1-15 Given: 7

Ease of use: 1-5 Given: 5

OVERALL: 81/100 B-

For further explanation, continue reading.

Continued Evaluation

An aspect that is a detriment for the Tribot is that they are other products that are cheaper and do the same thing. Also, though the iPod Nano (5th generation) is a great device, it does not have the same quality like a Flip Mino HD — which we use to capture video here at The Real Mac Additionally, there are not many uses for the Tribot unless you are a periodic movie-watching traveler — the Tribot is extremely light. Final thoughts: If you are willing to spend the money for the Tribot, it will do well.

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