Review: An In-Depth Look at Powermat

Over the past week I have had the privilege of reviewing a variety of Powermat products. Ten years ago, only a few people could image paying $40 for an SD card or being able to wirelessly charge their device. Contrary to popular belief, the Powermat does not provide wireless charging when you are a given distance. Once, your device connects to the Powermat through a case or universal receiver, Powermat does all the hard work.

What can you do with a Powermat? Well, the Powermat enables charging of your technology devices simple and easy. To charge your iPhone or device, set your device on the magnetic surface of the Powermat. The Powermat iPhone case is somewhat bulky, but provides protection for your phone. If you prefer not to use a specific case, use the universal receiver, which has a myriad of interfaces from LG to micro usb. Additionally, if you own more than one iPod or someone decided they needed to use your charger, the Powermat proves to be a helping hand. In a few flavors of the Powermat, it permits up to 4 devices to be charged simultaneously. Use the sleek iPod dock to charge your iPod and set your Blackberry in for a charge. I was glad to find that Powermat does provide support for the iPad through the receiver dock for iPod and iPhone.

In order for the Powermat to charge your device, your device must have a specific backend, case, or use the magical universal receiver. Some phone manufactures, such as Apple and RIM (Research in Motion), Powermat makes unique cases that can be used in lieu of the universal receiver. The Powermat case on the iPhone makes the phone bulky. But, if you own a Blackberry, you can replace the existing the back cover with a Powermat cover for charging-Slick! However, the ‘slick’ privilege may set you back $30-40. Unfortunately, Powermat only includes one universal receiver in the box. However, later this year, Powermat will be releasing a product that will enable more phones to be more conveniently charged through the Powermat. This product enables the ability to replace the battery door with one that will charge directly to the Powermat.

At the end of the day, the Powermat is awesome. Personally, using the Powermat is more convenient than plugging a cord to my devices any day. Powermat is increasingly innovating their line. Over the next few months, Powermat’s products will help better your charging lifestyle. If you are willing to make the investment, charging will be easier than ever. The case on the iPhone has drawbacks, but if you are a protective of your iPhone, you may not mind. Bottom line, I love the convenience of the Powermat, but a little expensive for a charger.

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