iPhone 4 Review

So as I have officially finished my testing of the iPhone 4, I believe it is time for me to share details about big updates and a few tiny things that were added.  So let’s start.

  • Overall Design

This iPhone is different how Apple broke off from their normal design.  They went to something that was completely out of the ordinary for them.  They used aluminum the outlining of the phone, which also serves as the antenna.  And before I continue, it is true that when you hold your phone the “wrong way” your signal decreases.  It is beautifully made, and feels a little different at first, because it is pretty boxy, but like with most Apple products you do seem to get used to it right away.

  • Retina Screen

The Retina screen truly does make a difference.  It is like holding a high-def screen in your pocket, and when Apple said you can’t distinguish pixels they were right.  The screen I think has made the biggest difference to me with my iPhone usage so far.  It has made games that are updated amazing, and games that haven’t been updated yet, you can really tell they were made for an iPhone 3Gs.(Picture below)

  • Camera

Next is the camera.  I have seen maybe the most changes in here. There is the edition of the flash on the back and an upgrade to 5 megapixel camera, as well as a VGA camera on the front for FaceTime.  The video quality is very clean and crisp and I will take a few shots and video to show you the quality.(Pictures at the end of entire article)  The camera is definitely to my liking now.  It shoots crisp video and pictures and no more of those trying to flip your camera around and take a picture.

  • Audio

The speaker on the bottom of the iPhone has definitely been updated.  Now when I use the speaker for calls it is loud.  I have been testing it with music and now I only have to turn it up to about 75% for a good amount of sound.  For calls, however, I do find myself turning it all the way up if I am talking to someone who is a little bit quieter.

  • Internal Changes

One of the best internal changes for me is the A4 chip.  It makes the iPhone process so quickly.  Now Guitar Hero doesn’t lag up and quit on me anymore.  I do find some of my application quitting at random moments still, but I believe that is the application or the OS not the A4 chip.(I will include an update at the bottom if I find the problem)  Another addition, is the gyroscope inside the iPhone. I have not seen many apps to take use of this as of yet, but hopefully there will be more as developers keep at it.  Of course there is also the standard accelerometer and the same sensors as before.  Another addition is a larger lithium-ion battery, but I will go more in depth in the battery section.

  • Battery

The battery has increased time quite a bit.  I have noticed a much longer battery life and it has kept it’s charge so far.  I am hoping it will still do well after a couple hundred charges.  I have noticed when using the flash on my camera excessively, but that was sort of expected.

  • Software and OS Changes

There are a lot of changes here so I will number the bigger ones:

  1. Background- The background can now be changed on your home screen as well as your lock screen.
  2. Folders- Group your favorite apps together or group games with games.  Folders also have a smart naming feature that help to automatically name the folder.
  3. Multi-tasking- No longer shall you quit an application when you can run it in the background.  You can easily return to it by double clicking the home button and clicking on the icon, and it does not slow down your iPhone.
  4. Mail- Now, all your inboxes are combined into one master inbox that includes all of your accounts.
  5. Facetime- You can now video chat(as long as you are on wi-fi of course) using facetime.  You can either start it while in call, or while you are looking at your contacts you can click the facetime button with-in a person’s contact card.

You can find all of these with-in the new iPhone 4 and Apple’s new iOS 4.

Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for, those pictures I took, well here you go.

Pictures outside in the courtyard:

Picture with flash:

Picture without flash:

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