iPad Case Review: Street Skin by Hard Candy Case

Street Skin For iPad

Price: $39.95

The Street Skin for iPad by Hard Candy Cases is a form fitting case which comes with a screen cover for extra protection. The case has rough edges giving it a stylish look, as well as being easy to handle. The iPad still fits in most traveling cases while the case is on, making it the ultimate added protection for your iPad. This case doesn’t come with a stand like the Incase case, but instead offers the screen protector, adding mobility and compatibility with other cases. Overall, it is a great case that I entrust my iPad to when I travel and need to bring my iPad with me, and its great to know my screen won’t be scratched, and that my iPad has added protection if it is dropped.

It’s no help for using the iPad, and doesn’t come with a stand, but if you want added protection in a stylish case, this case is right for you.

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