Too Old for Apple?

San Jose, CA – In today’s edition of the San Jose Mercury News (5/31), reporter Pete Carey, a discerning Windows PC user, wrote that owning the Apple iPad is “Absolutely the Last Upgrade” he would require. He came to this title, begrudgingly, after telling his family he did not need or require an iPad. They, to his appreciation, DID get him one anyway, and he’s been using it even more than his PC.

With my own father (nearly 60) more frequently borrowing my iPad, Carey’s experiences spawned an unorthodox question: can someone be too old to own an Apple product (iPad or otherwise)? Or, in another way, can one “grow out of” Apple?

Well, I shall start by pointing out that Apple is not the same as a pair of slacks, or that hideous Christmas sweater your grandmother gave you those many years ago. I do not believe one can grow out of, or can become tired of, Apple. Apple, to my continued surprise, is a dynamic company, constantly reinventing itself, with the implicit help of its patrons. It, somehow, seems to tap into the baser instincts of our technological psyche and shapes its products to suit us best: technology perpetually tailor-made.

How does Apple do all of this? I believe I have narrowed my answer down to this:  Apple maintains a legacy of simplicity, a commitment to elegance, and a responsibility to the person and the personality.  By these few guidelines, Apple remains relevant to the techie and the layman, the young and the old: me and you.

By creating an interface that appeases the lowest common denominator and rejecting the esoteric, Apple provides more capability to even the most technologically illiterate. By minimalist elegance and removing colloquial clutter, it maintains public appeal. And, by doing all of this and more, it keeps us informed, educated, and entertained, not to mention connected to one another. Apple supplements our person and personality.

Call me what you will, but my father once called Apple “a toy company,” and Pete Carey thought he only required his Windows PC. Now that they both have used the iPad, their tones have changed. The “toy company” fascad has melted away and Windows has been sloughed off. The curtain has lifted, the mistro has tapped his baton, and the show has begun. Come, young and old, to the greatest show on Earth – the one you hold in the palm of your hands.

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Baron Cannon hails from San Jose, California and is a Senior at Boston College (Class of 2011). With specializations in Economics, English and Media Broadcasting (Radio), he will graduate with Honors as a Philosophy Major and History Minor. He is a regular contributor for and, a news and politics publication, as well as a free lance journalist for Boston College's newspaper, The Heights. To contact him, email to [email protected]

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