iPad Case Review: Incase: Protective Cover for iPad

Website: Incase
Price: $39.95
The Protective cover for iPad is a great way to protect and can be very useful for many of you that like to type longer messages or notes on your iPad. It has a flat back, unlike the iPad, which makes it so much easier to type a lengthy email on. As I have been testing it through out the week I have found that it really is much easier. One other benefit to getting this case is it also comes with a handy stand. If you are one of those people that loves listening to music, watching a movie, or really doing anything this stand is great. It is too sturdy so you can’t type, plus it makes your iPad stand at about 85° so it isn’t too easy to type on. I have been risking my time to watch movies just for all of you and the stand does just the job for propping up my iPad on my desk to watch my favorite movies. To end this review I would like to say this case is affordable, comes in a few different colors (black, green, purple and pink), and is great for watching movies and typing lengthy emails or documents.
If you would like to see the case at Incase’s website click here

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  1. great! this case is what I’ve been looking for which is affordable and comes with a purple color.

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