Laptop Bag Review Week: Golla 13″ Metro Laptop Sleeve

Golla 12-13” Metro

Website: Golla

Material: Polyester

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Golla is a company based in Finland that makes bags that are both safe for your computer and fashionable.  They have many bags for laptops, iPods/iPhones, mobile phones, and other mobile devices.  The Metro for 13” computers is one of the great bags that Golla makes.  It is a laptop sleeve that is great for taking your computer with you wherever you need to go.


The Metro is a small, compact sleeve for your computer that is great for just taking your computer with you. Its main compartment holds your laptop; however, there is a velcro pocket on the back that is good for holding papers.

Straps and Zippers:

The Metro has one collapsible strap that is great for carrying around the bag.  It fits right back into the side of the case when you are finished with it.  The zippers are similar to the zippers on the Onyx 13”.  They are sturdy and are padded with rubber for a better grip.  The zipper is strong is unlikely to break.


The Golla Metro 13” is a good bag that, again, is stylish and durable.  I feel very safe when my laptop is in this bag.  It is great for anyone who doesn’t want a full back back, but wants a nice bag in which to carry their laptop.  It is great for taking your laptop over to a friend’s house for projects, or taking your laptop to work in style.  If you would like to see the Metro, it can be seen here at Golla’s website.

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