Review: Beejive IM is the All-in-One Instant Messenger

Just as the title says, Beejive IM is the all-in-one instant messenger:  San Francisco-based Beejive (pronounced bee-hive) empathizes for today’s social busy-bee, who is constantly trying to keep up with the very latest, tweeting, updating Facebook, chatting, texting, messaging, and the list goes on.  With support for all the major social messaging IM protocols, including AIM, MSN, Facebook, and MySpace, the user can collect all their conversations and updates in one place.  What a dream come true.

Additional notable features include its support for group chat, picture sending, SMS, and customizable wallpapers.  It is also easy to use and feels like you’re using a desktop IM client.  What more can one ask for?!

The bad? The standard cons= The price, and occasional freezing.  At $9.99, Beejive IM costs more than 5 times its closest competitor, but many, including myself will say it is well worth it.  All good things come with a price.  Also, not unlike other messaging Apps, Beejive freezes up occasionally, but quickly recovers.  Despite these finicky details, Beejive IM truly gathers all your messaging needs into one fantastic application and is by far the best IM App out there.

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