Review: Things for iPhone: Be productive. Get Things.

Over the past two years, the App Store has grown unbelievably fast, now with over 100,000 applications, which is more than all the other mobile phone application stores in the world have  combined!  However, such an extensive selection of apps suggests that many are useless “garbage-apps”.
True, many of these applications are useless, but the applications Things for iPhone ($9.99) and Things for Mac (Read our Review) made by Cultured Code, a German based company, prove themselves unworthy of the lowly “useless-app” category.  Different from other “to-do” apps in the App Store, Things, in my opinion, is the best:  If you have used the Things for Mac application, you know that Things includes impeccable code-writing and user-adjustability. When you launch Things, you are greeted with a chic, polished, powerful interface.  Things is powerful not only in its extensive features ‘under the hood,’ but also in its simplicity of use: Simple on the outside, powerful and complex on the inside. There are several different lists on which you can put your to-do items, you can add tags, notes, and of course, due dates – after all, it is a “to-due” app! In addition, there is a helpful list called Projects where you can put to-dos that you need to complete for a specific project.  Things also logs your completed to-dos after they are completed, so you can look at all your accomplishments anytime the application is launched. Talk about power!
The folks at Cultured Code did a great job of integrating the Things for iPhone into the Things for Mac application.  Syncing the two versions could not be easier. In the preference pane of Things for Mac, you simply add your iPhone or iPod Touch to the device list.  (The two versions must be on the same wifi network).  Cultured Code knows their users well; for example, when an iPhone or iPod Touch is on the same wifi network as a Mac and Things is open in both, the two devices automatically sync. Simple.  Yes, Things certainly makes my life much easier, which really is the whole idea of a useful app.  The only feature that I feel Things is lacking is a search by tags, or a universal search. But in the end, my overall experience with the Things for iPhone app was quite smooth and delightful, Things may look appear to have a high price tag, but Things is more than worth it!  It never crashed, and best of all, it is simple to use and works great with the Mac version. With Things, you can be more productive at home and now on the go with Things for iPhone. Over the past few days, I find that I am getting more done and living a more productive lifestyle. Things is truly a vital app for any owner of an iPhone or iPod Touch, and I look forward to being productive with future versions of Things as well.

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